How do non gamstop casinos verify your age?

For many years, non gamstop casinos have been all over the net. Due to its celestial features, lucrative bonuses, and enticing games, many players are going crazy to play in them. Players such as newbies, veterans, and even those with self-exclusion can play there. Such popularity attracts not only older adults but also young ones. So, how do non gamstop casinos verify your age? Keep reading as the answer is in the following section.

Do non gamstop casinos have identity verification? Yes, they do. Identity verification usually occurs when you’re registering for an account and when you’re withdrawing your first withdrawal. Though the identity verification of non gamstop casinos is not as rigorous as those with gamstop, they still uphold their honor not to let any underage and scammers play around their casinos. Identity verification is needed to ensure your identity is safe and no underage is on the premises.

What documents will the non gamstop casinos demand from you? Some non gamstop casinos only require basic data like age, name, email, country, and address that you’ll fill up in a form. In most cases, they need you to provide an ID document like National ID, passport, and driver’s license. They may also ask you to provide a bank statement in some cases. However, you have nothing to worry about when providing these documents to your non gamstop casino as long as that casino is legit. Legitimate casinos won’t use your documents for themselves, nor will they sell them to third parties.

How would they know your age?

If you already registered in bookies not on gamstop, they should have known by now what your age is. But if you haven’t, the answer is in the documents you’re going to provide them. Documents such as valid IDs and passports contain your basic information, such as your birth date, so it’ll be easy if they want to know your age. In a nutshell, it’s impossible to play in a non gamstop casino if you have a problem with your age and identity. Licensed non gamstop casinos adhere to the law that no underage will have the opportunity to play. In most countries, only those 18 above can register and play. However, some countries require their players to be 21 above.

If you’re underage, it’ll be best that you don’t register at non gamstop casinos yet. Note that if any underage were to provide inaccurate or dishonest information regarding their identity and age, they could have their account deleted, win forfeited, and even face criminal prosecution. Identity verification in non gamstop casinos ensures that there’ll be no criminals and scammers roaming around and harming the other players. It’s there for a reason.


Non gamstop sites verify your age via the documents you provide them. You can’t deposit money to your account if you don’t tell them your exact age, not to mention withdrawing your money. Remember, casinos’ advertisements and marketing do not target nor attract underage people. If you feel tempted, wait for you to be of legal age to play.