The difference between sticky and non-sticky bonuses at non gamstop casinos

Non gamstop casinos use every trick in the book to entice players to play on their sites. With this, they made advertisements for awesome games and showed off their lucrative bonuses to target audiences, and that includes you. Well, you might ask, why would they show you this? The answer is to lure you. It may sound like something from a horror movie, but don’t take it literally. When, in fact, the point of showing you these things is for you to take the bait and play with them. However, many players failed to realize one thing: bonuses.

Why do you need to know what sticky and non-sticky bonuses are? After you hit that “join” button, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to deposit money and play afterwards. However, you should know what comes in with that first deposit. In a nutshell, non gamstop casinos offer two types of bonuses: sticky and non-sticky. These bonuses are lucrative, and they can go up to a 400% match on your initial deposit, and you can use them to play your favorite games. However, these bonuses can either be “for waging only” or “can be withdrawn after meeting wagering requirements.” So, knowing these two types of bonuses is a must.

What are sticky and non-sticky bonuses? And what are their differences?

Would you accept it if your betting sites not on gamstop offered you a 400% match on your initial deposit? In this case, you should know firsthand what kind of huge bonus they are offering you. With this in mind, know that there are two types of bonuses: sticky and non-sticky.

What is a sticky bonus? A simple explanation would be that it’s a kind of bonus that you can use to play or wagger, but you can’t withdraw. If you join a non gamstop casino and you make your first deposit with the intention of getting the 400% bonus, you should look at their terms and conditions and into their bonus section where it will be stated whether the bonus is “for wagering only” or not. If it’s for wagering only, that’s what you call a sticky bonus.

What is a non-sticky bonus? Contrary to sticky bonuses, non-sticky bonuses can also be used for playing and wagering, but you can withdraw them as long as you meet the casino’s wagering requirements. Usually, non-sticky bonuses are much lower than sticky bonuses, but most players still choose them since they’re less complicated and cashable.

What are their differences? There are many differences. For instance, sticky bonuses are non-cashable while non-sticky bonuses are. Non-sticky bonuses are not as lucrative as sticky bonuses either.


There are two types of bonuses, which are sticky bonuses and non-sticky bonuses. These two bonuses are different; the former is not cashable while the latter is. However, remember that you can’t withdraw a non-sticky bonus if you haven’t met the wagering requirements of your non gamstop casino. Additionally, non gamstop casinos will offer you a bonus on your first deposit, and if you want to know whether the bonus is sticky or not, you can go to their terms and conditions and read it. However, make sure you read it thoroughly so that you can avoid future headaches.